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SH16 to Lincoln to Westgate Interchange


The SH16 to Westgate project is a road improvement and maintenance upgrade. It was initiated by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA). It is the final project to be completed as part of the SH16 Northwestern Upgrades.

The project delivered 2.1km of additional motorway lanes, including a bus shoulder and three new bridges. Hydro worked closely with the NZTA and Hawkins Construction to deliver this upgrade. The road has been designed to support the expected growth in Auckland’s western suburbs. The goal was to provide better and safer transport connectivity for all commuters, including pedestrians and cyclists



Hydro Ductile Iron High Flow grates in combination with MEA C3000 polymer concrete channels assisted in taking large volumes of water away from the road quickly and efficiently. The large aperture system is less susceptible to blockage and flooding.

The PROFIX system offers other benefits including improved safety for motorists and operators. This is due to the robust, reliable and simple pin fastening mechanism for the grate. This makes the product quick and easy to install and operate, with no special parts required for operators. By working closely with Auckland Motorways (AMA) and the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA), Hydro has seen MEA Drain with Ductile Iron High Flow PROFIX grates become officially endorsed by the New Zealand Government.

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