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Te Manawa, Rotorua


Te Manawa, formerly Rotorua’s City Focus, involved a streetscape redevelopment in the heart of the Rotorua CBD. With design elements that reflect the cultural significance of Te Arawa, the new look CBD focuses on a creating space for people, enabling them to gather, stop, and enjoy the city.



Hydro Construction Products worked closely with Fletcher Construction Hamilton and Bespoke Landscape Architects Auckland to provide specified drainage solutions that make a statement in the precinct’s lively outdoor plazas. With a design brief from Rotorua District Council that emphasised the desire for a vibrant, inclusive, and environmentally-conscious city, it was only fitting to reinforce it with trafficable, durable, and unique cast iron designer grates.

Additionally, MEA Fluid glass reinforced drainage channels with Hydro's ductile iron solution was used along Haupapa Street, Rotorua. These fully recyclable drainage channels are light in weight, which makes them easy to handle, transport and install. The grates ticked all the boxes in regards to drainage efficiency, pedestrian safety and overall aesthetics. For more information, call Hydro on 0800 493 766!

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