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The Brickworks at LynnMall

PROJECT: The redevelopment of The Brickworks has transformed what was once the oldest mall in New Zealand into a new and fast-paced dining destination for those who love food. Located off the side of LynnMall Shopping Centre in West Auckland, the new dining lane features several modern eateries and a movie complex.

Hydro Construction Products worked with owner and developer Kiwi Property to help deliver the $39 million upgrade. The Brickworks combines old charm with new character: the fairy-lit, tree-lined lane features a brick facade that commemorates the industrial history of the shopping centre. The centre is now set to cater to up to 500,000 people who live within a 15-minute drive.


SOLUTION: As an area trafficked heavily by pedestrians, Hydro’s innovative heelguard and slip-resistant drainage solutions ensure their safety is paramount. To fit in with the industrial theme, Hydro supplied more than 120 metres of Hydro Supreme Z1000 polymer concrete channels with heelguard ductile iron grates.

This solution ticked all the boxes in regards to drainage efficiency, pedestrian safety and overall aesthetics. If you’re after a similar solution, or need more information, contact Tim on 0800 493 766.

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