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Landscape Drainage Solutions for Rotorua's CBD

Hydro Construction Products is the exclusive supplier of MEA Group’s landscape drainage channels, galvanized steel mesh grates, storm and electrical pits, and other world-class drainage solutions. Hydro’s partnership with the global drainage experts MEA Group further advances the high-quality supply of products for the building and construction industry in New Zealand.


The MEA catalogue continues to expand, catering to a broad range of applications, including infrastructure, traffic, urban architecture, industry, home and landscaping.


Cast Iron Designer Grates for Rotorua CBD



Te Manawa, formerly Rotorua’s City Focus, involved a streetscape redevelopment in the heart of the Rotorua CBD. With design elements that reflect the cultural significance of Te Arawa, the new look CBD focuses on a creating space for people, enabling them to gather, stop, and enjoy the city.


Hydro Construction Products worked closely with Fletcher Construction Hamilton and Bespoke Landscape Architects Auckland to provide specified drainage solutions that make a statement in the precinct’s lively outdoor plazas. With a design brief from Rotorua District Council that emphasised the desire for a vibrant, inclusive, and environmentally-conscious city, it was only fitting to reinforce it with trafficable, durable, and unique cast iron designer grates.


Heavy Load Landscape Drainage Channels from Hydro

MEA GaLa shows to be the most popular choice in the Hydro lineup for gardens and landscaping projects. Robust yet affordable, the landscape drainage channels and grate systems offer excellent performance in a variety of domestic installations like driveways and courtyards.


MEA Supreme landscape drainage channels are made from polymer concrete: an innovative, eco-friendly material made of natural minerals, such as quartz, basalt and granite, mixed with resin bonds. The result is an eco-friendly material that displays high-strength and resistance to chemicals and corrosion. The lightweight channel body of MEA® Supreme accommodates heavy loads on the surface while protecting groundwater from chemically aggressive substances.

MEA Supreme has exceptional hydraulic efficiency. Along with the impermeable and pore-free surface of polymer concrete, the U-shaped channel and internal slopes of MEA Supreme accommodate a faster flow of water and dirt particles.

The edge rails are made with stainless steel or galvanised steel build for general purpose applications from A10 to D210 Load Class. For heavy-duty applications around E400-G900 Load Classes, Hydro Drain C Series with cast iron edge rails are readily available. All products in the MEA Supreme lineup are fully compliant with AS 3996-2006, citing the requirements for access covers and grates to be installed in pedestrian and vehicular areas.

MEA Supreme landscape drainage channels are suitable for use in commercial and industrial infrastructure. Aside from gardens and water features, the most common applications of MEA® Supreme include roads, car parks, loading bays, pedestrian precincts, public areas, shopping centres, airports, docks, train stations, sporting arenas, and warehouses.


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